Q : Size of merchandise is actual ?
A : We put size next to merchandise. Please refer to it.

Q : I can not find merchandise that I would like to order?
A: Please send image or picture to 18 delaine street, providence, RI 02909 or e-mail to info@snowandstars.com we are happy to try and find merchandise which is the same or close to your favor by using our international network.

Q : Merchandise we received is different from my order or quantity short?
A : Please call or e-mail us within 10 days of receipt of invoice. We will contact and instruct you to how to return or exchange your merchandise.

Q : I would like to exchange or return merchandise after 10 days of invoice date?
A : We are sorry to inform you but exchange and/or return merchandise has to be made within 10 days after invoice date.

Q : I would like to have more information about merchandise of your products?
A : Please call to 1-800-852-snow or e-mail to info@snowandstars.com, our professional sales associates will be happy to give you information you need.

Q : Snow and stars sells only chain and jewelry parts?
A : We handle any kind of jewelry merchandise. If you are looking for something other than chain and jewelry findings, please call to 1-800-852-snow or e-mail to info@snowandstars.com

Payment :
q : I would like to pay by COD or can we will send check after receiving invoice?
A : Payment must be made by credit card when you purchase. We do not accept COD nor check or money order.

Q : I returned merchandise. What about the payament I made?
A : We issue the credit to your same credit card you used when you purchased once we received your returned merchandise witthin 14 days after invoice date.

Q : This is my initial order. I have a plan to buy much more of your products. Will you give me open account?
A : Please call to 1-800-852-snow or e-mail to info@snowandstars.com our associates will contact you and discuss payment terms.

Shipping :
q : How soon will you ship merchandise Iordered?
A : We ship merchandise within 14 days but if we are unable to make shpment within 14 days, we will contact you and provide delivery idea.

Q : I want you to ship merchandise by us mail or other courier?
A : We use only UPSat this moment.

Q : I want you to ship merhchandise by ups overnight or 2 days?
A : Please call to 1-800-852-snow or e-mail info@snowandstars.com we can meet your request but we have to add special handling fee.

Q : I placed an order but I will be out next couple weeks. I would like you to hold merchandise till i come back?
A : Yes, we can hold your merchandise in our warehouse but please inform us when you come back by calling to 1-800-852-snow or e-mail info@snowandstars.com (payment must be made when you purchasing merchandise.)

q : I would like you to ship third party. Can you do this?
A : Yes, we can ship to third party. Please inform us third party’s name, address, phone/fax number and e-mail address.

Q : I would like to pick up merchandise by myself or send somebody to pick up?
A : Yes you can pick up yourself or third party but we require an id to pick up, also freight and handling charge will be waived.